👋 Hi, I'm Hewsan

/ˈh(j)uːs(ə)n/ · pronounced by "houston" without the "t"

What's in a name?  It means "morning mountain" in Cantonese, because I was quite literally born in the morning on a 🌄.  As a first-generation born 🇺🇸, my parents wanted to connect to their heritage even as they pursued their American Dream.  I carry their hopes forward.

Who am I?  I have made a life and a career out of pursuing what interests me.  I have been a political operative, a impact startup GM, a professional DJ, an MBA student, a real estate developer, a trader, a self-taught programmer, and a digital nomad (and now a writer!).  I've traveled to 47 countries and 49 US states.  I just wrapped up 9 months on the road during COVID and now landing in New York.

What's this blog?  This site is a way for me to build the writing habit online while sharing my passions, interests, and pursuits.  Here's more in-depth thinking of why I decided to start this blog.  I hope you enjoy!